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About us

We have become one of the leading national manufacturers of high-quality UV coating solutions in the cosmetic segment.

Duvon celebrates its 33rd birthday on September 5th, since then we have been producing and distributing high quality inks, customized products and efficient coating processes. Our success is based on the desire to value the strength of our team.

Our awards


Quality Excellence


Partnership Evaluation of Suppliers 2021

Desenvolvimento e produção de tintas e vernizes UV e industriais 2024


Quality and Honesty Assurance


Partnership Program Albéa Suppliers 2019

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Our mission

Through our paints and coatings, we improve all surfaces in the most diverse of ways. We are actively aiming to protect and improve the products present in your daily life. The greater the complexity of our customers' desires, the greater our focus in fulfilling them!

Our values




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